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  • Avon’s beauty products include cosmetics, fragrances, toiletries, and skincare products. This category includes leading brand names like: Avon Color™, Anew™, Skin-So-Soft™, Advance Techniques™, Avon Naturals™ and mark™. Also referred to as CFT (for cosmetics, fragrance and toiletries)
  • Most make-up is petroleum-based, as are laundry detergents.
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  • Rahul, a popular male name in India, has a variety of meanings. The earliest meaning found in the Upanishads is “conqueror of all miseries.
  • Rahul (known as Yeh Mera Rahul in India) is an Indian Emotional Drama film directed and produced by Prakash Jha. The film stars Neha, Neena Kulkarni and Gulshan Grover in leadroles.

rahul phate beauty products

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Quarantine: Stories
Quarantine: Stories
With buoyant humor and incisive, cunning prose, Rahul Mehta sets off into uncharted literary territory. The characters in Quarantine—openly gay Indian-American men—are Westernized in some ways, with cosmopolitan views on friendship and sex, while struggling to maintain relationships with their families and cultural traditions. Grappling with the issues that concern all gay men—social acceptance, the right to pursue happiness, and the heavy toll of listening to their hearts and bodies—they confront an elder generation’s attachment to old-country ways. Estranged from their cultural in-group and still set apart from larger society, the young men in these lyrical, provocative, emotionally wrenching, yet frequently funny stories find themselves quarantined.
Already a runaway success in India, Quarantine marks the debut of a unique literary talent.


Rahul nair, during the visti to malanjkhand copper mine


rahul sahany

rahul phate beauty products

Music of the Himalayas
Rahul Kumar is the son of Shivkumar Sharma (of Call of the Valley fame) and is a world-renowned poet of the santoor in his own right. In fact, the two masters often play together. Until recently, the santoor, a trapezoid-shaped hammered zither, with its hundred-plus strings and curved wooden mallets, was considered appropriate only for Kashmiri folk tunes. But over the past half-century (a blink of an eye along India’s ancient timeline), its rippling, metallic glissandos and arpeggios have become accepted even in rarified Indian music circles. Like his father, the younger virtuoso has solved the problem of how to create rounded, soothing tones from an essentially staccato medium. Heard live before a nearly silent audience, Rahul’s deceptively delicate touch strikes fire while his fervent improvisations breathe deep and blossom. The listener becomes blissfully passive, like a traveler so enchanted by the journey that she no longer cares about reaching her destination. –Christina Roden